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Beijing, China - August 8, 2017. New bridge of Wenyu River. Located at the junction of Changping District, east of Shunyi District and Beijing Future Science Park, the new style has become a landmark here. Across the Wenyu River Bridge connecting the future science and technology city of Beijing north to south trunk road, simple and soft curve fully demonstrated the bridge's "future, science and technology".

The automotive industry never stands still and now more than ever, manufacturers need strategic partners they can rely on. Kiekert is your partner. As a global Tier 1 automotive supplier, we meet the highest industry standards, and address customer needs with efficiency and local expertise, worldwide. As the market leader, we consistently deliver extraordinary quality, innovation, product safety and reliability. Kiekert’s responsiveness, accuracy, technological leadership and close cooperation with OEMs have made us the first choice for automotive access solutions.

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