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Today, car doors are opened manually via ordinary door handles. The unlocking command is usually given by a radio remote control or still by a mechanical key. Premium vehicles might have the keyless option, which detects the remote key within a few meters and unlocks the door by the touch of a hand.

Will this still be the technology in 2030?

Certainly not, because the desire for more comfort is one of the Major drivers of new technologies and innovations. So why should drivers in 2030 still “bother” taking out a remote key of their pockets to unlock the car and then use a mechanical handle to finally open the door? Unimaginable, isn’t it? Side doors should at least reach the comfort level of powered tailgates that open and Close automatically by the push of a button.


The Kiekert actiMOVE technology is able to open and close side doors automatically. The Kiekert excellENTRY locking system releases the door by an electric signal to be moved freely. So far, so good, the technical conditions for an automatic drive are in place. But how is the signal given? Which type of command will finally trigger the automated opening?