The electrification of the car is progressing inexorably in all areas. From the seat adjustment, through the Hand brake to the most radical electrification – the drive. In the field of side door latches, we are also in the midst of a technical revolution that will make entering and exiting a car an “excellent” experience. With the electrified excellENTRY locking system, Kiekert is laying the foundation of tomorrows vehicle access.

The everyday opening and closing of the excellENTRY latch no longer takes place via a mechanical chain from the outside door handle rather via an electrical signal. This means that the door is opened without any mechanical intervention. This technology makes a host of new features possible that will shape vehicle access of the future. For example, the automated opening and closing of side doors via Kiekert’s actiMOVE, which in turn lays the foundation for the autonomous door of the future. The technical uniqueness of Kiekert’s excellENTRY creates completely new possibilities for design, comfort and functional networking, which the consumer immediately appreciates. At the same time, the excellENTRY latch releases efficiency potential for car manufacturers by shedding mechanical ballast. This is because the “per bit” operation requires fewer mechanical components and thus less weight and space.

Weight reduction

Improved haptics

Enlarged cabin space

Exit Assistant

Noiseless locking

Electric child safety

The safety of the vehicle occupants always comes first in the development of Kiekert products. This particularly applies to an electrified latch, taking into account any power failure due to an accident. The excellENTRY technology offers two basic types of redundancy to ensure reliable opening and closing even in the event of a power failure. Here, the mechanical redundancy relies on a still existing but significantly reduced mechanical chain back to the handle, which even allows a better opening lever in case of power failure. The electrical redundancy relies on a separate source of energy from the on-board voltage. In this version, the mechanical scope of the locking system is reduced to a minimum. With this approach, Kiekert’s excellENTRY is particularly flexible and can serve a wide variety of automotive OEM requirements.

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