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Sharing is the new owning

In 2030, thousands of mobile platforms ensure that “sharing instead of owning” is an integral part of urban life. Car enthusiasts, polishing their cars to perfection for hours on the weekend, have become a thing of the past. Simply because even they don’t own a car anymore. Digitization challenged us to rethink mobility. We can now easily request any type of vehicle for our next journey – in a blink of an eye and always in a perfect condition.

And the winner is: The electric drive!

2030 is the technological turning point for vehicle drive systems: electric cars have conquered the streets worldwide. Cars with combustion engines have visibly lost their importance in today’s mobility. Pedestrians had to get accustomed to the changed road environment and had to learn to be extra cautious. Why? Because electric cars are now driving smoothly and almost silently through city centers. This results in less noise and lower emissions.

The Impact of digitization

Our beloved guardian angels who protect us in daily traffic also had to cope with the digital change. But they have mastered it brilliantly and call themselves sensors today. Thanks to the successful digital transformation of the industry, sensors protect drivers and passengers on their journey. They permanently monitor the entire surroundings of the vehicle and are able to anticipate dangerous situations. Cars can now communicate with each other to avoid traffic jams and optimize the entire traffic flow. You see: Driving in 2030 is safer, more convenient and much more trouble-free!

What to do with all the free time?

In 2030, drivers are busy with all kinds of things while travelling, but certainly not with steering the car. Autonomous driving has a huge impact on one of our most treasured resources: Time. Manufacturers and suppliers took up this challenge with surprisingly intelligent solutions for car interiors. And this is just the beginning.

Creating the foundation for tomorrow’s vehicle access – today

How does vehicle access look like in 2030?

To answer that, let’s quickly go back to 2019: Today, car doors are opened and closed manually and locked and unlocked by a radio remote control that is often misplaced or lost. Can you still imagine this in 2030? Certainly not, because ‘making life easier’ is one of the main drivers to envision new technologies.

With our innovative actiMOVE and excellENTRY technologies, and our vision for the ‘Autonomous Door’, we are shaping future vehicle access and make it even more comfortable. On our NuEntry platform you can regularly discover new concepts and ideas related to vehicle access. True to our claim: Technology that leads!